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  • General Interest:
    Saturday, 20 August 2022 02:30 pm
    Rural Product Show 2022

    at Carlops Village Hall
    The return of the annual Rural Product Show. For links to information about classes and the recipe for a vegan Fruit Loaf  see the right hand side bar .  Entry for exhibits 8:00 - 10:00 am. General admission 2:30pm £2 (schoolchildren free) For more information contact Hannah Walters hannahwalterslangskaill@yahoo.co.uk
  • General Interest:
    Sunday, 14 August 2022 02:30 pm
    Carlops Apiary Visit

    We cordially invite all community members interested in the Carlops Apiary project to our next meeting and, if any are keen to take up the craft, to our other meetings. We will supply protective bee suits but, as we have limited space, we may need to limit the number of visitors. If anyone is left out, we can arrange extra meetings to accommodate everybody. Email Dave Stokes TrikinDave@live.co.uk to book a place
    As always, we will have a pot-luck pi
  • General Interest:
    Thursday, 30 June 2022 12:00 am
    Messages from Scottish Borders Council

    View messages from Scottish Borders Council up to 26th July  clicking on this link: http://carlops.net/messages-from-scottish-borders-council/.  Recent messages: Lidl Neighbourly Feed It Back campaign; the Polish Map of Scotland; Recruitment to Tweeddale Assessment Panel
  • General Interest:
    Saturday, 25 June 2022 12:00 am
    Summer of Art in Galashiels

    at Old Gala House Galashiels
    Live Borders Museums and Galleries present a Summer of Art from all over the Borders including paintings by Carlops' own Catriona Taylor (Delves). For details contact   catrionataylor18@gmail.com.  Old Gala House, Scott Crescent, Galashiels from Saturday June 25th - Sunday Sep 3rd. 10am -4pm every day except for Sunday

Gerda Stevenson Letter re 101/2 Bus Service Withdrawal

A message from Gerda Stevenson, Carlops, regarding the imminent closure of the 101/2 Stagecoach Bus Route
I have just written to our MSP, Christine Grahame (email: Christine.Grahame.msp@parliament.scot ), to Jenny Gilruth MSP the Scottish Government Minister for Transport (email:  MinisterFT@gov.scot ), and to our MPDavid Mundell (email: david.mundell.mp@parliament.uk  ), about the 101/102 bus service from Dumfries to Edinburgh being cut.

Please will you do the same? And, of course, to anyone else you can think of!

Also, you can write to your local councillors. For Tweeddale West at Scottish Borders Council they are:
Ian Reid, whom you may know in West Linton, is actively involved in the campaign, and has asked us to send individual stories to him, and you can send them to your local councillors as well – i.e. 200 words about your own personal circumstances, and how you will be impacted by the cut to this essential service. This is urgent, as time is running out. Ian’s email address is:iancreid@hotmail.com
Of course, this impacts people living in all five councils that lie between Dumfries and Edinburgh – a big population.
Many thanks –
Begin forwarded message:
From: Gerda Stevenson <gerdastevenson@aol.com>
Subject: Transport emergency!
Date: 16 July 2022 at 18:44:18 BST

Dear Jenny Gilruth MSP,

I am writing to you in deep, deep concern. With virtually no warning, Stagecoach have decided to withdraw the 101/102 bus service on 13th August. These buses run daily from Dumfries to Edinburgh and back. There is no other service on this route.
This is a catastrophe for residents the length of this route – many, many workers, carers, people who need access to health services and childcare, those who visit relatives in hospital, attend college, use libraries, go to evening classes, theatre, cinema, restaurants, and a hundred-and-one other activities necessary to a normal, healthy existence.
And that doesn’t take into account the walkers and holiday makers who regularly visit our area, often during the Edinburgh Festival, contributing to the local economy as well as that of the capital city.
My family use the 101/102 bus service on a regular basis. My son is a carer, and takes this bus to work in Garvald West Linton, a local residential centre for adults with learning difficulties. Staff and residents of this care facility depend on the bus service, for work and social engagement.
My 24 year-old daughter, who has Down’s Syndrome, uses this bus service to volunteer at local charity shops, to attend the hairdresser, to visit her grandmother and friends. I have dedicated a great deal of time doing travel training with her, so that she can travel on buses independently.
How can such a lifeline be withdrawn from a whole string of communities with no government intervention? The Scottish Government, quite rightly, is promoting a green agenda, yet public transport is being slashed, people forced into cars, paying astronomical, soaring prices for petrol, and polluting the environment. Some people don’t actually have cars, and will be totally isolated, which will have a profoundly detrimental effect on their mental health.
And what about the surreal scenario we now face: young people and senior citizens have been issued with free bus passes which they cannot use!
This is madness on every level. How can there be no public transport on one of the main arteries of travel between the South West of Scotland and the nation’s capital city?
Stagecoach has written to bus users telling them:
“If you’re travelling to Edinburgh, you can use the X74 to Glasgow and the 900 Citylink service to Edinburgh”:
This is an utterly absurd solution, and Stagecoach knows it. It’s totally unworkable. Edinburgh is 12 miles from where I live on the A702, and the nearest town, 6 miles away, is Penicuik (which the 101 takes in). Why on EARTH would we travel tens of miles West in a crazy loop to go tens of miles East? It would take all day!
Public transport is an essential service, like health and education. The infrastructure of our society depends on it, and cannot be left only to local councils, and especially not to wayward private companies who have no allegiance to the public.
This is a national issue.
13th of August is only 4 weeks away. What does the Scottish Government propose to do about this desperate state of affairs?
Yours sincerely –
Gerda Stevenson.