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Save the 101/102 Bus!

The Stagecoach 101/2 is reprieved until March 2023!

Great News!  A new message from Ian Reid received Wednesday 20th July:

Huge development last night. 

At public demo in West Linton, Cllr Viv Thomson confirmed that after massive public outcry 
and sustained campaigning within and between communities along the route, the threat of service
removal in mid August has been withdrawn.

Additional funding, from Scottish Borders Council, STP (South Lanarkshire Council) and SWESTRANS
(Dumfries and Galloway Council) now allows service to continue a further 7 months until March 2023. 

Communities along the route now ready to mobilise to protect long-term future of service and work 
with local authorities, partner agencies and government to achieve improved and sustainable service.

Of course, a huge thank you everyone - each and every one of you have made this happen. 

And ………in the words of Karen Carpenter

‘We’ve only just begun!!’

Game on!





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