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    Sunday, 05 February 2023 03:00 pm
    The Amazing Carlops Jazz Band

    at Carlops Village Hall
    The Amazing Carlops Jazz Band will be playing in the Carlops Village Hall on Sunday 5th February at 3pm! Admission is free and tea and cake will be served in the interval. Featuring the amazing Si Clark on vocals, and the ever popular Carlopettes! See you there!  For information contact John Levine john.levine@strath.ac.uk

The Well Digger’s Daughter

January 18th
The Well Digger’s Daughter
Dir. Daniel AuteuilWell Diggers Daughter

2011, 107 mins, France, Cert. PG

Set at the start of World War II in France a doting father and his family have to cope with the fact that his beloved oldest daughter has got herself into trouble. Her subsequent pregnancy ignites a class war between her family and that of the wealthy family of the man in question. Then he goes missing in action.

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